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Sep 12, 2022
Historic Paradise Foundation

TW, talk about suicide, self harm, mental illnesses.

Image says:
autism and suicide…
autistic people are 9 x more likely to die from suicide, more than 6 in 8 autistic adults have considered suicide, almost
8 in 10 autistic adults have a mental health condition, autistic children are 28 x more likely to think about suicide.

Autistic people don’t want to end their lives due to being Autistic… what causes suicidal thoughts/ actions is because of lack of the right support needs being met and lack of support services available… also bullying for some people may be a big part of it.

THIS IS WHY WE NEED BETTER SUPPORT FOR AUTISTIC PEOPLE! This is why Mental Health services need to understand autism better and how to support us and look into Neurodiversity affirming practice… maybe get some advice from Therapist Neurodiversity Collective , AUsome Training, The Autistic Advocate, Autistic Girls Network! Currently in majority of the UK if you are Autistic, an adult and without a severe intellectual/ learning disability you get ZERO support from Autism services. Literally nothing. Most Autistic people I know online and offline have some mental illness or mental health struggles… and have thought about or attempted su*cide or have self-h*rmed. And sadly a lot of autistic people I know have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals. A lot also have eating disorders. And sadly I know of 20+ Autistic people who have lost their lives. I’ve watched over and over again Autistic people being denied support, then deteriorating and struggling mentally and then sadly either ending up in psychiatric hospitals or losing their lives. I feel hopeless that things won’t change and I’ll continue watching autistic people I know lose their lives due to being failed by a system that just doesn’t think we need help and doesn’t want to help us. I volunteer in the NHS mental health services in my area to try make small changes here and there to create improvements… but I know no matter how many changes I make to make services more accessible for autistic people that it’s not going to fix the whole issue with services failing us. I wish I had more power to be able to create a service that is specially trained in Autism and follow Neurodiversity affirming practice and has Autistic people working for it and included in the design and creation of the service.
It would help save so many lives.

I myself have been under mental health services majority of my life, mostly due to being late diagnosed and my mental health struggles recognised first which sadly overshadowed me being spotted as autistic and diagnosed before 20.
I’ve been through Anorexia… I currently have ARFID (Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder… more info in my blog about this and I also have Anxiety, depressive disorder according to my notes… like is that just depression? I’m not sure. But I also started self harming around the age of 11, I first started thinking about wanting to die before the age of 10 and I had my first suicide attempt around the age of 17…. My last one being when I was 24 in 2020. I was also misdiagnosed with a personality disorder before being correctly assessed and diagnosed as autistic… sadly this is common. A lot of undiagnosed Autistic people who present differently than the autism presentation that is more recognised are misdiagnosed with personality disorders among other mood disorders. Many never get correctly diagnosed as Autistic and a small amount of those misdiagnosed go on to get correctly diagnosed as autistic. But like me others are being wrongly medicated and treated for a mental illness they don’t have. Which is dangerous.
There is also hardly any therapists who can work with Autistic people and support them in a way that will help them… for example in a Neurodiversity affirming way by people trained in autism PROPERLY TRAINED and in following Neurodiversity affirming practices.
What also upsets me is that research has proven that ABA (applied behavioural analysis) / PBS (positive behaviour support) Therapy has a high rate of causing PTSD in Autistic people… yet this therapy is used in SCHOOLS. Also some kids get ABA therapy for 40+ hours a week!! So many Autistic people now have PTSD because of this.
If any other ABA/ PBS survivors need support then here’s a group

I just don’t know why Autistic Adults without learning disabilities can’t access autism support services in the UK…
All Autistic people deserve access to support they may need. OUR LIVES MATTER TOO. Too many have already lost their lives. When is the NHS, Government, THE WORLD going to see that our lives matter and that we also need support?

I just feel hopeless and powerless… I just wish I could change things for us and help prevent so many lives being lost. I wish I could get everyone the support they need.

Link to the research to back up the figures in the image/ post

Image by autie.frog link to original post

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