• Could a FMSD Community Garden Program help Paradise?

    ? Sharing this post after a workshop I attended this weekend through the Living Potential Network https://www.livingthepotential.com/led by Renee Beth, former teacher and ed change-agent. There is a lot of interest in this nationwide to improve the physical and mental health of our kids and families, and save the planet, and heard from people who are doing this in their communities, including Jeff Goebel (see below) who could help us set this up. Let me know if you'd be interested in being a part of something like this.

    ***How do we end our mental health crisis AND save our planet?? It starts with our FOOD! And a Community Garden Program in our Schools!*** 😃

    This is what I learned this weekend in an ENLIGHTENING, intergenerational learning workshop on FOOD, hosted by Renee Beth and The Living Potential network and featuring Jeff Goebel, author and expert on climate change and regenerative farming. Check out his book below 👇 and this podcast with Jeff and teen activist and LPN Youth Panel Member, Cassie...

    We discussed the impacts of unhealthy eating, poor soil and food quality is having on our mental and physical health and the destruction of the planet and brainstormed solutions to bring back to our homes and communities.

    One of the solutions we came up with was community regenerative farming started in OUR SCHOOLS! I know we have a PHENOMINAL Ag program and we saw the start of this with this NAFO MIT Group last year, but how do we get a community garden program in our schools, run by our kids as part of a holistic , 21st Century learning program that will...

    * Improve the mental and physical health of our FM kids & families!
    * Increase learning & RAISE TEST SCORES!
    * Prepare our kids with 21st Century hands-on learning skills they need for college, career and life per the Profile of the SC Graduate.
    * Get our kids OUTSIDE and reduce the spread of Covid in our overcrowded schools
    * SAVE OUR PLANET with local, regenerative farming!

    If you're interested in seeing a community garden program in our schools or any community programs to improve mental health through cooking, food, and nutrition, PLEASE let me know! Change starts with US and there is SO MUCH we can do! I know a lot of you are passionate about this too and have a lot of ideas. I'd love to hear them because change starts with US. 🌎

    And if we already have something like this percolating in our schools, let me know!! 🙏

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